22 November 2010

floor cushions

round up

With the low-to-the-ground beds typical of many college dorms, social seating often extends to the floor. Though rugs can be cushion enough, for some extra comfort, floor pillows can be a perfect solution. Floor pillows are somewhat pricey to begin with, but I've searched for the best designs and most modest prices.

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21 November 2010

Sam D's boutique single

dorm tour

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Name: Sam DeAndrade
Location: Brown University, New Dorm
Type of room: Single

Sam D, an interior design enthusiast herself, designed a chic boutique vibe for her single this year. Homey touches like a framed mirror and an upholstered chair make us forget that we are looking at a college dorm.

09 April 2010

keeping a clean and stink-free microwave

With midterms, papers, and sleep withdrawals, most of us forget to make our beds. But if the idea of a clean microwave appeals to you, here are some options!

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no-installation curtain rods

Dressing a window with curtains is a great and inexpensive way to make a dorm room feel less common and standard. And a pop of color could break up the white-ish tan expanse of the walls we know all too well. But there's the question of how to hang them.

24 February 2010

cheaper alternative to fancy glassware

I have to admit, this set of glassware came as a gift. But I had seen comparable (expensive) Bodum glasses, and I was surprised to get such a present.

luigi glassware

They look so chic, and (as I later discovered) are a fraction of a cost of Bodum glasses. They're also double-walled, which means they are perfect for drinking really cold or really hot drinks. You can see the Bodum glasses after the jump.

21 February 2010

Serious-ly Whimsical Cottage Dorm

dorm tour
Name: Daniel Carvalho
Location: Yale University, Davenport College
Type of room: Single in the Cottage Suite

A weekend adventure to Yale brought us to this wonderfully happy dorm room. Daniel mixes intellectual pursuits with a few furry friends... and no we're not talking about the rest of the Cottage boys...

17 December 2009

diy straw lamp

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As a project for class, I made a pendant lamp out of straws. I grabbed the clear straws and red stirrers from a dining hall and bought the lamp cord kit from Urban Outfitters.

Sam's photo-filled single

sam books
sam full room 3 sam full room sam mirror sam full1

Name: Sam R
Location: Young Orchard
Type of room: Single

Sam's room features a series of her own framed photos: Paris, San Antonio (her hometown), and her other travels. Other notable design decisions include hanging her large clock on the picture railing and placing the tall strip of photos on the right to create a well-balanced vignette.

UPDATE on holiday dorm decor

I was shopping at Urban Outfitters today for a lamp cord kit (for a project that I'll be posting soon!), and I saw a plethora of baby Christmas trees. Thinking of my previous post on holiday decorating, I decided to post these inspiring little trees.

UO pink tree charlie brown

And, for holiday decorations that you can use all year long, consider light strands, also available at Urban Outfitters.

16 December 2009

bedskirts reinterpreted for dorm use

christian bed bedskirt bedskirt rocio

Some dorm room beds can be lofted, which means one great thing for students: storage! But to be honest, storage isn't always pretty. As seen in Christian's dorm tour, an improvised bedskirt can be the perfect solution. They can be made of any fabric, really.

I use a queen sized flat sheet from home for my bed, which works perfectly because it covers the bed all the way around. If any of you have tried this method, what materials have you found most effective?